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33) Mercury Building

Thomas Stevenson, an apprentice to Robert Dykes at 236 North Locust, made the first saddle in Carlisle. He built the front portion of this building with two rooms downstairs for his own harness shop, and two rooms upstairs, sleeping quarters which were reached by a ladder.

The building has had many uses. In 1946 Warren Fisher, Jr. bought it from Zelia South who had used it as a millinery shop. Fisher was the publisher of the Carlisle Mercury newspaper which he moved to the building in 1947. It remained there until 1997.

In 1999 the building was purchased and, with extensive renovations, converted to a private residence and library. A large garage was added on the back to serve as a replica of a fire station. The fire pole has been dedicated in memory of the 343 firemen who died at the World Trade Center on 9/11/01. A lighted plaque with each name has been installed. The fire station also houses a 1969 American LaFrance fire engine.

Visitors by appointment: (859) 289-4720 or 2050.

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