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9) Carlisle Deposit Bank
Built by I.N. Handley

The bank began when a group of citizens who met regularly to hear the news of the Civil War determined the community should have a bank. On February 5, 1866 the Corporate Charter of the Deposit Bank of Carlisle was approved by the Kentucky Legislature. Soon after, the bank occupied the first floor of the Old Bank Building. It moved to its present location in 1900.

This new building was described by the Carlisle Mercury newspaper as "One of the most complete, convenient and safest buildings in the state. It is of pressed brick and free stone, with slate roof and tiling floors. The wainscoting is of polished marble. Steam heated and perfectly ventilated, it is a worthy home for a worthy institution that declares a satisfactory dividend to its stockholders every six months."

The post office occupied the bottom floor for a period, until it moved to its present location.

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