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6) Adair Building

This building has been a confectionery, a barber shop, undertakers, a pool hall, a furniture shop, restaurants and a museum.

Memoir of the Adair Building
from Dollie Gatewood Galbraith:

Mrs. Galbraith says her parents bought the building in 1922 from Bookie Blair and Dick Donald who were already running a confectionery there. The Gatewoods lived in the upstairs, and Mrs. Gatewood prepared food for the business in her kitchen upstairs.

Downstairs on the right was a counter with stools, beyond which was a food preparation area where her parents made such things as pimiento or ham salad sandwiches. On the left was a tobacco counter; beyond it a counter where candy was sold in boxes or, individually, in small dishes. In the back were tables and chairs. Mrs. Galbraith remembers that on Friday nights her father would let them push back the tables and chairs, so they could dance, and how much fun that was - "we had a Victrola." Also, she remembers when she helped her parents in the business, Mr. Howard Veach would come in from his men's clothing store next door and say to her, "Dollie, give me a dope." She knew that Mr. Veech meant a Coke (there was a perception either that Cokes had cocaine in them or some sort of "dope.")

Mrs. Galbraith says her parents sold the business in 1947, but she is less certain about that date than when they bought it.

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