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Concord Church
Intersection of Taylors Creek Road and Concord Road

During 1793 an "old log meeting house" was erected near the intersection of Taylors Creek Road and Concord Road, at that time in Bourbon, now in Nicholas County. The Concord Church began as a Presbyterian Church with Robert Finley, its first minister, also serving a budding congregation at Cane Ridge. In 1798 Barton W. Stone came from North Carolina to serve both congregations.

In 1801 Stone, already questioning his Presbyterian beliefs, conducted revivals at both churches. General religious fervent on the frontier led to massive revival meetings. The one at Cane Ridge is said to have attracted up to 20,000 people, camping in the area and hearing a host of ministers, departing only when the feed for their horses was exhausted.

The Cane Ridge revival has been described as "one of the greatest revivals in the history of the Church." It was highly significant in American religious history as the incubator for what became the Christian Church, in which Stone and other members described themselves as "Christian only." The Concord Church made the creative decision to let Presbyterians and those terming themselves Christian share the church. A Presbyterian mission church was established in Carlisle in 1821, but the Concord Church was shared until 1851. That building was replaced in 1859.

In more recent times the later buiding was used by the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Carlisle, until a large wind storm brought it down in 1973. Today, the church site and cemetery are owned and administered by the First Christian Church. The original site of the "old log meeting house" is a part of the Cane Ridge Shrine Trust.

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